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Reflecting on 2017 and Looking Forward to the New Year

With the beginning of another new year, I find myself reflecting on 2017 and at the same time looking forward to the possibilities that may come in 2018.For Natural Inspirations Woodworking, 2017 was an outstanding year filled with exciting projects, both for our clients and for ourselves. The year began by setting our strategic visions for the future. With the help of Naqsh Kochar and his team at Refresh, we took a hard look who we are and how we can use that to best serve our clients going forward. This exercise led to our vision statement, "Natural Inspirations Woodworking provides unique, one of a kind woodworking pieces made from the highest quality that can be passed down for generations."....

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Welcome to Natural Inspirations Woodworking

I am proud to announce the launch of Natural Inspirations Woodworking's new website and would like to put a special thanks out to unINK Online Marketing and Website Development for a job well done. To celebrate this launch we are kicking it off with a giving campaign for a local volunteer organization that does a fantastic job of finding new homes for dogs in need, the Saskatoon New Hope Dog Rescue. For each dog plaque we sell, $10 will be donated to New Hope, so they can get much needed supplies. Please have a look around and thank you for your support!   Best Regards Jason Peters

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