Natural Inspirations Woodworking

Jason About Photo

Hello, my name is Jason and Natural Inspirations Woodworking is my passion.

I am located outside of Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada in the beautiful prairie landscape.

I work with my customers to create pieces of art that add personality to any space they are a part of. The satisfaction of turning a humble piece of wood into the centerpiece of a room is what compelled me to turn my hobby into a business in 2015. I create the elegant pieces available from my shop, but I also enjoy the challenge of producing custom work as well.

In my work I combine the best of old world practices and the latest technology to provide my customers with superior quality pieces. From 3D design and CNC machine technology, to my use of traditional processes and finishes, I strive everyday to perfect my craft so as to create works of art that will quickly become beloved family heirlooms.

I’m proud to call my work artisan, not mass produced. I take special care in creating each piece for my clients to capture their ideas, desires, and practical needs in unique ways.